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We are a husband and wife team, who are on a mission to make your battle against lice short, and stress free.

We serve you with compassion
We are a husband and wife team that not only know the science behind treating lice, we understand what it’s like to struggle through it as a family ourselves.  That’s why we are committed to offering more than
 just safe and effective treatments.  We want to make sure you are confident this will be a short, and stress free experience.

We equip you with knowledge
Our mission is to compassionately lead you through the lice eradication process, so that you can feel confident your lice are gone for good.  Education is a huge part of this process, which is why we filled our website with an ever growing list of resources to make sure you are your primary weapon in your fight against lice.

We end your lice problem, for good
We offer unparalleled, in-home treatment plans.  To ensure your lice is gone forever, we use “The Shepherd Method™” which is a non-toxic, strand-by-strand lice removal process, and we do it from the comfort of your own home.  As a licensed hair stylist, I have worked with children for years, so I know how to make this an enjoyable time for the whole family.

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