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We have been through this struggle with our own family. We understand what you are going through,  so we will serve you with compassion.

You are your own best weapon in this battle, so we will equip you with the knowledge you need to win. That’s why we filled our website with lice eradication resources.

Our team is trained and certified to use a non-toxic, strand-by-strand process known as “The Shepherd Method™.”  This unparalleled treatment means  we will end your lice problem, for good.


Are you about ready to give up on your fight against lice?  Do you feel like this is a battle you can’t win? 

We have been through this ourselves, and we understand what that is like.  That is why we put together a comprehensive list of resources with everything you need to know about lice.  Check out our lice and nit Learning Center and give yourself the confidence you need to win this war.

Ready to take your fight to the next level?  Check out our professional products and treatments.

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